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15 May 2018

Time away from the office, and ‘off the tools’ is always a considered decision, especially when you’ve assessed and certified over 4000 dwellings this year alone. That said, the opportunity to connect with other NatHERS energy assessors, policy makers and wider industry representatives¬†was a no brainer.

So on May 28 and 29, 2018 the senior management and consulting team at Efficient Living team will attend the Australian Residential Energy Rating Conference in Melbourne.

About the Conference

With the support of The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), the CSIRO is organising a 2018 conference for energy assessors, and others in the building industry, who are interested in energy efficient housing.

The conference will facilitate:

  • an understanding of policy drivers and likely (or possible) future changes to the policy and regulatory environment;
  • connections between assessors, regulators, researchers, academics and building industry players;
  • recognition of who the key players are, and what their collective vision is driving toward; and
  • the assessor industry to develop a shared vision of what they want from CSIRO, regulators and tool developers.
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To understand how the conference could benefit your business, or to discuss an issue that you’d like to see represented at this dedicated industry conference, get in touch with the Efficient Living team today.