Our thoughts on NSW Design & DP SEPP

As your Partner in Sustainability, Efficient Living has reviewed the DP SEPP and prepared a summary of findings in relation to the services Efficient Living provides to our clients. Here’s our summary of key points.

25 February 2022
design and place sepp

What is Design and Place SEPP?

An explanation of Intended Effect for the proposed Design and Place SEPP which signals major change to the assessment requirements for all development in NSW.

4 May 2021
Apartments 2

NCC 2019 Section J Impact Report

NCC2019 came into effect on the 1 May 2019 with a 1 year phase in for Section J. All projects with construction certificate submitted to council after the 30 April 2020 will need to comply with Section J 2019 code requirements.

14 May 2020