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Net Zero Energy Development

Efficient Living was invited to attend the City of Sydney’s forum to help local and state government and industry bodies create a Planning Pathway to Net Zero Buildings

28 November 2018

2017 Record year for small scale renewable energy

According to the CER’s latest update on the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme, solar panels were installed on rooftops at a mind-bending rate of 6.5 per minute in 2017, adding a total of 1057MW new capacity for the year.

8 March 2018
sustainable office building

City of Sydney pushes for net zero office sector

If the plan’s recommendations are taken up, it’s expected the sector could reduce carbon emissions by 26 per cent by 2021/22 and 46 per cent by 2029/30. Read what the draft plan means for you…

6 March 2018
commercial building energy efficiency

Section J Overhaul 29 March 2017

As of 1 July 2017 the NSW Department of Planning will be making several changes to the BASIX tool. The key changes are as follows…

26 March 2017
Ecological Apps

Ecological Apps

Ecologic Apps, an energy efficiency tech firm planning to “uberise” the building energy services sector and make rating building performance…

8 March 2017