Tracey Cools

Founding Director

I’m entrepreneurial by nature, a big-picture thinker, strategic problem-solver and expert networker. I have a photographic memory for construction details, a natural intuition for building optimisation and a passion for creating spaces where humans thrive.


I have been the sole director of Efficient Living for more than 20 years. Mastering my trade, leadership and business skills has come through trial and error, and a lot of self-directed learning.

I am a stubborn optimist with the core belief (from lived experience!) that investment in sustainability adds value to a project well beyond the initial expense.

As an independent consulting firm, we are blessed to have contributed to the sustainability strategies of thousands of projects and clients. This long-term involvement in the construction industry allows us to bring the best solutions to each new project.

My passions are policy consultation and industry education. These areas are where I can have the biggest impact on the planet.

The world is my classroom. My deep knowledge has come from having an inquisitive mind and using every conversation as an opportunity to teach and learn. I visit building sites when I can and have run many personal renovation and new build projects. These real-world experiences have consolidated the knowledge required to ensure Efficient Living provides practical, buildable and well-costed solutions.

When I’m not working, I’m with my family and friends in nature, adventuring and travelling.