Micha Middlebrook

Sustainability Consultant / Commercial

I have more than 11 years of architectural experience in Australia and the Czech republic. The best thing about working in sustainability is that each day, each project is meaningful.

e: Micha@efficientliving.com.au

I am a prodigy at mastering various modelling programs and strive to use them in a fast and efficient way. I have worked on a range of projects with various stakeholders using many different tools and systems. Prior to joining Efficient Living, I was Principal CAD Manager for international lighting design company Electrolight.

During my time as an architect, I enjoyed designing homes using solar passive design. Now, as a sustainability consultant, I love helping clients achieve energy efficiency requirements on their commercial projects using DTS and JV3 solutions.

I have a Masters in Architecture and Civil Engineering and an Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Building Design. My interest in sustainability and materials with low embodied energy has seen me attend several hands-on natural building courses, workshops and construction sites.

I am very enthusiastic rock climber. If I am not on rocks, you would find me elsewhere in nature – bushwalking, canyoning or swimming.