Mariana Foganhole

Sustainability Consultant

Promoting sustainability is the only way we can maintain wellbeing and a healthy environment. My background is in civil engineering, so I’ve always loved buildings and joined this industry to help shift the building industry in a way that is aligned with my values.


I’ve developed an expert understanding of building methods and materials after working for many years on construction/structural rectifications in buildings. This involved conducting forensic engineering inspections, developing specifications for engineered solution rectifications to construction and structural defects, tender and contract administration.

At Efficient Living, I help architects, builders and developers obtain sustainability compliance and excellence, and optimise the thermal performance of residential buildings. I love finding the best sustainable solution that fits within a client’s constraints, and also educating the industry about the long-term benefits of best practice and investment in sustainable design and construction.

I have a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Master in Building Science – Sustainable Design.

Sports and the ocean are my outlets. When I’m not with my family and friends, you’ll find me training for open water swimming events, triathlons or on long bike rides. I am also a swimming instructor – I love working with kids and empowering them to be more confident in their abilities.