Nicholas Roberts

Sustainability Consultant

I’m a collaborator. One of the best things about working at Efficient Living is having the opportunity to assist clients on all manner of large and small projects, embedding ESD strategies and sustainable building methods into their plans.


I also love collaborating with our team! We come together with so many different skill sets, which means we are constantly learning from one other and can provide each client with a truly customised outcome on each project.

Prior to joining Efficient Living, I was an environmental consultant dealing with contaminated lands and hazardous materials in the building industry, so I’ve seen how things can go terribly wrong. Then there’s the matter of the construction industry being one of the world’s leading contributors to greenhouse gas pollution. It’s satisfying to now work as a sustainability consultant whose main focus is to reduce these impacts on the environment.

I studied a Bachelor of Environmental Science at University of Technology Sydney and a Master of Architectural Science (Sustainable Design) at University of Sydney.

I am mad keen surfer and snowboarder. Pretty much anything that involves exercise and the outdoors makes me happy.