Haylea Edwards

Head Of Residential Services

As the manager of one of Australia’s largest residential consulting teams, I am passionate about taking a sensible, holistic approach to our clients’ problems, delivering high-quality NatHERS and BASIX assessments to strict client deadlines.

e: Haylea@efficientliving.com.au

Once I dive into a project, I can’t help but explore all the possibilities available to make a home or building the best it can be. I love working with clients who trust me as the expert, allowing me to make decisions that will improve a home’s comfort, buildability and impact on the environment, while staying true to the client’s objectives.

Australian residential sustainability is a niche market and allowing myself to become an industry expert has been my greatest asset. I have an expert understanding of NatHERS thermal simulation software tools, industry protocols, construction knowledge, product knowledge (and costs!), and a strong understanding of building science. I complement my in-depth knowledge and practical solutions with exceptional customer service.

I never chose to work in sustainability; I fell into it and, 9 years later, I have no intention of falling out of it. Working in sustainability actively contributes to improving the world we live in. Each day, I contribute positively to the building of the future, creating buildings that nurture, support and enhance our lives.

I have a Cert IV in NatHERS Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability; Cert IV in Building and Construction; and am currently completing a Cert IV in Leadership.

I’m a naturally-minded, ingredient-reading, low-toxin-loving, find-a-natural-way-for-everything kinda girl. I am no hippie – I am an intentional gatekeeper for my home, body and life.