Alarna Twight

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability is my driving force. How could I resist working to reduce the environmental impact of an industry that contributes 40% of our global carbon emissions?  


With that in mind, it might seem funny that I didn’t start my career in sustainability – or buildings. I have over a decade of experience in B2C communications and was an editor at a content marketing agency in a past life. Once the science became too startling to ignore, I followed followed my heart towards an in-house marketing career in sustainability consultancies, which gave me an in-depth jack-of-all-trades understanding of the multifaceted sustainability issues we face.

I’m a communicator with a passion for explaining the multitude of scientific benefits of building more sustainably in a way that non-scientists can understand. I’m a sucker for the printed word, which means I’m often called upon to be a voice for our Efficient Living social media and other industry communications.

I love working with clients to find simple building solutions that have a huge impact on how people will enjoy the comfort of their home.

I have a Bachelor of International Communications – Journalism and am currently completing a Cert IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.

Being in nature recharges me. This year I’m trying to swim at the beach every day, which is great in summer, but we’ll see how I go in winter!